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Meet our team

Colette Holt & Associates

Colette Holt & Associates is a national law and consulting firm specializing in issues related to Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs, supplier diversity initiatives, and affirmative action issues. The firm has conducted court-approved disparity studies and designed court-approved programs for over 30 years, including for numerous governments. CHA has worked with the County for over 15 years. The firm has conducted studies for and counseled numerous Texas agencies, including Travis County, the City of Austin, Capitol Metro, and TxDOT, among other Texas agencies. Ms. Holt is also a frequent expert witness, and a media author, on these issues. We also provide training, monitoring and investigative services across the country to agencies and businesses. More information is available at our website or see us on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter @mwbelaw.

Cultural Strategies, Inc.

Cultural Strategies, Inc, (“CS”), headed by President Sebastian Puente and located in Austin, is a certified HUB focusing on important civic projects and education campaigns for local institutions and private enterprises.  Founded in 2009, CS provides effective community engagement strategies for an ever more multicultural Central Texas. With rich experience in multicultural and multilingual marketing, advertising, outreach, and communications, CS helps build effective communications and outreach strategies for respected institutions in a variety of industries such as local government, public services, health care, education, nonprofits and private businesses.

Beverly Silas & Associates 

Beverly Silas & Associates is a public affairs/public involvement firm, founded in 2007, and located in Austin, TX.  The firm is a certified DBE. Ms. Silas and her team combine expertise in interpersonal communication with superior public outreach skills and experience. They work with clients to identify needs, develop and execute a communications strategy, and support the decision-making process.